What to do with your Old Paintings?

Old Paintings are among the most well-known works of art in history. Consider “The Kiss,” “The Mona Lisa,” and “The Starry Night.” People go from all over the world to see paintings from eras like as Impressionism, Realism, and Cubism in museums. Some folks go beyond simply gazing and start painting.

5 Best Strategies to Help you Clean your Closet and make Place for more Art in your Life.

Do you have a few old paintings that aren’t quite up to snuff and wonder if you might repurpose them to create something even better?

You have a soft spot for your paintings; they are your children. So, whether you want to get rid of your canvases entirely or give them a makeover, here are six methods to put them to better use rather than gathering dust in the corner.

Helpful Advice:

If you’re connected to your painting, take a picture of it before you undertake any of these steps so you may save it for posterity and utilize it to manufacture (or sell) prints later.

1. Put your Painting Online for Sale on the Internet.

Many artists (and hobbyists) prefer to sell their work on sites like eBay, Etsy, or even Craigslist to clear out their studio space and utilize the proceeds to purchase better art supplies.

Plus, there’s nothing like the delectable high of selling your own work to someone who enjoys it.

Selling your painting online will help you make your own money, and it will be perfect for you if you are selling through your own website. (Rowley, L., 2008)

2. Give your Artwork as a Present.

Winning someone over may be the most difficult challenge you’ll ever face, especially if you’re attempting to impress your sweetheart.

Perhaps you want to heal the broken bonds and hug them once more, or you want them to know how valuable they are to you.

If you’re going on a vacation to your relative’s house or a special occasion is coming up, such as a housewarming or your best friend’s birthday, you can give them your one-of-a-kind artwork; furthermore, you can personalize it even more to win the heart of everyone. 

3. Donate your Old Artwork to a Non-Profit that you care deeply about.

If you’ve been an artist for any length of time, you’ve probably been approached to donate your work to an art auction by a nonprofit.

You may be eligible for a tax deduction in addition to your donation, depending on its value.Donating your artwork to an auction is the best way to raise funds for a nonprofit organization. (Yermack, D., 2017)

4. Give them an Updated Look.

This is one of the most straightforward and most enjoyable methods to avoid throwing away an old picture. By painting an unexpected pattern over an undesirable or unfinished image, you can transform it into contemporary décor. 

Adding thick stripes to the paintings is the simplest method to accomplish this. To update the picture with a modern aesthetic more about color than style, use a ruler and painter’s tape to outline your stripes — horizontal, criss-cross, diagonal, it doesn’t matter – and use a bold, metallic, or neon hue.

5. Re-use the Canvas

Re-using your painted canvas is ideal for saving space, money, and the environment. 

Many people believe that it can never be used again after a canvas has been used once, which is entirely wrong.

Final Thoughts on How to Dispose of Old Artworks

We enjoy looking at our old paintings, but when they begin to pile up and become tripping hazards, it’s time to pare down.

So use any possible techniques to clear out your space, make a Place for more creative pursuits, and feel good about doing something good for yourself, the environment, and others.

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Feature image credit: Williams College

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