Discover 5 Things You Can Do with Your Unwanted Paintings

The most obvious option is to breathe new life into that canvas. Most people apply a few light layers of white acrylic paint to a canvas to return to its original state.

1. Completely Paint Over Them

This changes the tone and texture of the canvas. Just be prepared for a chalky feel and minor stumbling blocks where your brush doesn't glide across the canvas as smoothly as it did the first time.

2. Give Them A Modern Update

The most straightforward and enjoyable way to avoid throwing away an old painting is to give them a modern update. By repainting, you can transform it into modern décor.

3. Give Them A Funny Update

Use a glue stick or Mod Podge to add unicorns, zombies, or baby porcupines to your waterfall, flower field, or cobblestone road. This is an excellent conversation starter!

4. Sell Them

Large-scale, high-quality canvases are not cheap and deserve a second chance. Sell each one for a few dollars at your next yard sale. An aspiring artist or a student will appreciate it.

5. Donate Them

 Every art deserves a home. The next time you remove a painting from your wall or out of your closet, consider how it might continue to provide in new ways.