One of the most popular hobbies is painting. Painting is a great way to relax and clear your mind. It’s even better when the paint’s color is a surprise. The following post will tell you about 13 things that can be painted on. 

Your Bedroom

things to paint your bedroom

Your new painting canvas is a blank wall (or ceiling or floor); all you need is a bucket of paint and a little imagination. Every nook and cranny of a room is a chance to add visual appeal, whether with a bright color, a playful pattern, or even a romantic, hand-painted mural. Try trying a design on a little section, like a door, before going all out and painting the entire room from top to bottom. Paint is a simple remedy that may have a significant impact.

An old pair of shoes

Things to paint your old pair of shoes

Paint may be used to resuscitate an old pair of shoes or to bring a unique design to life. Depending on the style of shoe, leather paint, spray paint, acrylic paint, and even paint markers are all viable alternatives. Plan out your design on paper first, taking into account the colors you intend to employ. 

Use rubbing alcohol to clean your shoes, but don’t get them too wet. Allow them to dry before wiping them again. Canvas shoes will be made in a new way. In each case, evenly apply the paint and allow it to dry. If necessary, apply another coat to get a finished appearance. You’ve just finished a work of art for your feet.

A collection of seashells

things to paint seashells

Painting seashells is an excellent summer activity for both adults and children. Painting seashells is a calm and enjoyable pastime, and the colorful shells look stunning!

Arrange your seashells in a shadow box, make a centerpiece in a bowl or jar, or attach them to canvas to create eye-catching wall art. Painting seashells is a simple and enjoyable pastime that requires only a few simple ingredients.

You may paint your seashells in rainbow colors and color blends, like we did, or in a single color. You may even draw a design, such as polka dots or stars. It’s entirely up to you!

Paint on rocks instead of on canvas

things to paint rocks

Stone painting is an attractive method to express oneself via the creation of one-of-a-kind crafts for home and garden decor. To generate fresh pictures and images, release your inner creative force and enter a state of concentration when painting.

A small brush and acrylic paint are the ideal tools for painting rocks. Acrylic paint dries rapidly, and a new coat may be placed over the previous one after a few minutes. A tiny brush will undoubtedly be required for painting microscopic details. When dealing with huge boulders, large brushes are necessary.


Things to paint landscapes

A landscape painting captures the beauty of the natural world, including forests, mountains, rivers, and other elements of the natural environment. When painting landscapes, artists focus on capturing the mood and atmosphere of a particular place, using light, color, and texture to create a sense of depth and perspective. Whether painting a rolling countryside or a dramatic mountain scene, landscapes offer a wealth of inspiration and artistic possibilities.


Things to paint seascapes

 A seascape painting focuses on the sea and everything associated with it, such as the beach, ships, and other marine life. Artists who paint seascapes have a unique opportunity to capture the beauty and power of the ocean, using color, light, and texture to create a sense of depth and movement. Whether painting a tranquil shoreline or a stormy sea, seascapes offer a wealth of artistic possibilities for artists of all skill levels.

Floral Arrangements 

Things to paint floral arrangements

A floral painting showcases flowers’ beauty and elegance as a single stem or a bouquet. Floral paintings are often characterized by their bright colors, delicate details, and intricate compositions, making them ideal for artists who want to explore the beauty of nature. Whether painting flowers from a still life set-up or creating an impressionistic composition, floral arrangements offer a wealth of artistic opportunities for artists of all levels.


Things to paint portrait

 A portrait painting captures a person’s likeness, unique features, expressions, and personality. Portraits can be painted in a realistic style, capturing every detail of a person’s face, or in a more stylized manner, emphasizing certain features and using color and form to create a sense of mood and character. Whether painting a family member, a public figure, or a stranger, portraits offer a rich and rewarding subject for artists of all levels.


Things to Paint: Canvas

Canvas is a popular painting surface because it is absorbent, has a lovely fabric feel, and is lightweight and portable. Canvas supports are classified into three types: unstretched, stretched, and commercially manufactured canvas boards. The canvas paper is also available in pads. However, it feels quite slippery, unlike actual canvas cloth.

It takes practice to stretch it yourself. Wood stretcher bars, a staple gun, and stretcher pliers are required. Wrap the cloth securely around the bars and tack it down at the rear. Begin in the middle and work your way outward. Stretched canvases are available in common sizes or can be custom-made by your local art retailer or framer. Those manufactured by machine can occasionally cost the same or less than supplies for stretching it yourself.

Paper and Cardboard

Things to paint: paper and cardboard

Cardboard and paper are two of the most prevalent waste items generated in offices, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

Books, magazines, and promotional items from your local grocery store will be sent in wrapped cardboard boxes.

If you are a beginner or simply want to experiment, paper and cardboard are excellent support options. Both are inexpensive and easily accessible. Both feature absorbent surfaces, allowing for washes and over-watered acrylic methods. Choose acid-free papers or cardboard, which are more archival and will not contain contaminants that can discolor your artwork.

Wood and Composite Panels

Things to paint wood and composite panels

Wood is an excellent foundation for paintings, particularly for thick paint applications and other techniques that demand firm, robust support. There are numerous different varieties of natural wood, as well as composites like Masonite, high-density fiberboard (HDFB), and medium-density fiberboard (MDFB) (DFB). Birch produces a thin, lightweight panel that is ideal for big paintings. Impurities, resins, and other natural constituents in wood can soak through paint layers, creating stains and fading.

Composite panels are sandwich constructions of numerous layers that are bonded together to form multilayer sheets, cored laminates, or industrial structural panels. They’re composed of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, Glass, and fiber-based composite materials.

Patterned Fabric

Things to paint patterned fabric

A wonderful method is to start a painting with your favorite cloth as the beginning point. There’s no reason to be afraid of that white canvas. Begin your painting using colors and patterns that are already present!

Glue lightweight materials to a stiff structure, such as wood, panel, or cardboard, using the methods for gluing paper in technique 55. You may also use adhesive to adhere thin cloth to a stretched canvas. Simply put support under the canvas and use the same glue procedure.


Things to paint silk

Fluid acrylics are more durable than fabric dyes for painting on silk and keeping the cloth soft and free-flowing for usage as a banner, fabric installation, or wearable art. Silk dye works nicely, although it is not as lightfast and stable as acrylic. This technique shows how to use acrylic on silk to provide long-lasting, lightfast color while keeping the cloth supple. This method is applicable to textiles other than silk.


Things to paint metal

Adhesion and rust control are the two main concerns while constructing metal support. This technique is best suited for ferrous metals such as steel. It will create long-lasting rustproof support appropriate for painting with acrylic paint for indoor or outdoor use. There are several metals to pick from. Investigate safety concerns, availability, and any further preparation that may be required. This presentation uses 11-gauge, 18-inch (3mm) Mild Steel. Have any metal you want properly cut to your requirements?

Coat any kind of metal with a rust-inhibiting primer designed for use on metal (the same goes for your paint choice, too).

Depending on the form of the object, paint using a brush or a roller. Allow the paint to dry between applications.


Things to paint glass

One motivation to paint on Glass is to benefit from its clarity. The primary issue with painting on Glass is adherence. Surface teeth can be added via etching or sandblasting. Both procedures will cause the Glass to become slightly foggy, so etch just where the paint will be applied. Glass may be purchased at any glass supply store and trimmed to size. Float glass and window glass are both smooth, transparent, and affordable options that will work nicely. Glass can also be tinted or textured. Use Glass that is at least 14 inches (6mm) thick during sandblasting. If your glass artwork will be freestanding, use framing to hide the harsh glass edges.

Use a cloth soaked in liquid dishwashing soap diluted 1:10 with warm water to clean the Glass. To remove any grease, wipe the Glass with denatured alcohol, glass cleaner, or distilled vinegar. Clean the Glass on all sides. Handle the edges with caution since they may be sharp.


things to paint objects

Because the thing must be studied from all aspects while painting 3-D sculptures or objects, you are encouraged to think differently. You may create your own ceramic sculpture, have a metal company cut forms to your specifications, or just utilize an unusual shell, branch, or rock. You may also buy ready-made items from lawn and garden stores or hobby and craft stores.

Your favorite coffee mug

Things to paint your Favorite coffee mug

Painted mugs are a great way to spice up anyone’s coffee break! They are ideal for a do-it-yourself project or as a gift. Simply take a basic mug, wash it, dry it, and begin painting! These DIY customized mugs are a great way to express yourself and couldn’t be simpler. Most ceramic mugs may be painted using acrylic enamel paint.


Things to paint animals

 An animal painting depicts creatures from the animal kingdom, including domestic pets, wildlife, and mythical creatures. Artists who paint animals have the opportunity to explore the beauty and character of their subjects, capturing the essence of their movement, behavior, and personalities. Whether painting a majestic elephant or a playful kitten, animal paintings offer a wealth of opportunities for artists of all levels.

Abstract Art 

Things to paint abstract art

 An abstract painting does not depict a recognizable object or scene, instead focusing on color, shape, and form. Abstract paintings can be highly structured, featuring geometric shapes and hard lines, or more fluid and organic, featuring flowing lines and vibrant colors. Whether exploring a particular theme or simply experimenting with color and form, abstract art offers a rich and rewarding field of artistic expression.

Still life 

Things to paint still life

 A still-life painting features inanimate objects like fruit, flowers, or household objects. Still-life paintings often focus on the arrangement of objects and their individual details and textures, offering artists an opportunity to explore the beauty of everyday objects. Whether creating a complex composition or a simple study of a single object, still-life paintings offer many possibilities for artists of all levels.


Things to paint cityscapes

A cityscape painting captures the beauty and energy of a city, including its buildings, streets, and people. Cityscape paintings can be highly realistic, capturing the details and character of a particular city, or more abstract, exploring the energy and movement of urban life. Whether painting a bustling city street or a quiet residential neighborhood, cityscapes offer a wealth of artistic possibilities for artists of all levels.

Nature Scenes 

Things to paint Nature scenes

A nature scene painting showcases the beauty of the natural world, including forests, mountains, and other elements of the natural environment. Nature scenes offer artists.

Fantasy Art

Things to Paint Fantasy art

 Fantasy art is an imaginative form of art that can transport you to a world of wonders. From dragons to unicorns, fantasy art lets you explore new worlds and bring your imagination to life.

Food and Drinks

Things to paint food and drinks

 Food and drinks are essential to life and make for an excellent subject to draw. From juicy fruits to delicious pastries, drawing food and drinks is a fun way to showcase your culinary skills.

People in Action

Things to paint people in action

People in action can be an interesting subject to draw as it captures movement and energy. Draw people engaged in different activities, such as sports, dancing, or working, to create dynamic art pieces.


Things to paint flowers

 Flowers are a popular subject for artists, especially those who love nature. Flowers are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a diverse subject for drawing.


Things to paint Architecture

 Architecture is an excellent subject for artists who love to capture the beauty of buildings and structures. From grand palaces to modern skyscrapers, drawing architecture is a way to show your love for design and form.


Things to paint vehicles

Vehicles are essential to modern life and make for an excellent subject to draw. From cars to trains, drawing vehicles can be a fun way to showcase your passion for technology and design.


Things to paint waterfall

 Waterfalls are a beautiful natural wonder that can be captured in art. From the thundering sound of cascading water to the gentle flow of a small stream, waterfalls are a subject that can be both peaceful and energetic.


Things to paint sunsets

 Sunsets are a magical time of day, and capturing their beauty in art is a challenge worth taking. From warm orange hues to cool blues, sunsets are a subject that can be both serene and dramatic.

Mountain Ranges

Things to paint mountain ranges

Mountain ranges are a grand and majestic subject to draw. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas to the rolling hills of the Appalachians, mountain ranges are a subject that can inspire awe and wonder.

Animals in the Wild

painting animals in the wild

Animals in the wild are a popular subject for artists who love nature. From majestic lions to playful monkeys, drawing animals in their natural habitat is a way to showcase your love for wildlife.


Things to paint skylines

Skylines are an iconic part of modern cities, and capturing their beauty in art is a challenge worth taking. From the glittering lights of New York to the majestic peaks of Hong Kong, skylines are a subject that can be both beautiful and awe-inspiring.








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