Geometric Abstract Art: How To Understand, Feel And Reflect

Geometric Abstract Art

The changes that ruled pre-revolutionary society were the primary reason for the birth of this style. Some individuals are bored with art traditions, while others are forced to produce in order to meet the government’s severe criteria. When we consider Extremism can be defined as abstractionism from a political standpoint. Futurism, cubism, and expressionism began […]

Why Is Abstract Art So Expensive?

Why Is Abstract Art So Expensive?

If there is one art that can be argued indefinitely, it has to be a modern abstract painting. Its admirers praise its capacity to transcend all communal and emotional borders in order to reveal the artist’s deep-buried sentiments. At the same time, its detractors see it as little more than a haphazard smattering of colors […]

Abstract Art And Its Different Types

Abstract Art And Different Types

What Exactly Is Abstract Art? While realism art attempts to reflect actual truth, abstract art aspires for the polar opposite. Early abstract painters of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries employed color, form, shape, and line to produce paintings, sculptures, and drawings that were purposely free of identifiable objects, landscapes, and people.   The […]