The world is brimming with artistic inspiration. Just take a glance about you and you’ll notice many.

There are many intriguing things to sketch and paint. But, if you’re searching for something fresh to work on right now, we’ve gathered painting ideas from our team of artists that we know will inspire you. There are many different topics and canvas kinds to be found here. Take a peek and get those creative juices flowing, whether you paint in brilliant hues or delicate pastels, hyper-realistic or impressionistic!

Canvas is a popular painting surface because it retains the paint well, adds a slight textured effect to the picture, lasts a long time, and is lightweight, making it easy to transport. Our painters have employed both canvas boards or panels and those stretched and stapled over a frame in these pieces, as you can see. They’ve also used the various sizes available to improve the overall aesthetic or vibe they’re attempting to conjure.

Now, let’s look at some ideas for topics for your next painting.

Fantasy Abstracts

Close your eyes and visualise your favourite colours whirling around you in various forms. Now open them and begin painting with what you’ve seen.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what your imagination has concocted! Our artist created this fantasy abstract painting on a canvas panel with gouache paint in pastel colours and vivid splashes of colour.

Unique Landscapes

Have you ever taken a trip to a distant land? Paintings of landscapes that are very different from your own are fantastic paintings and will evoke memories.

Night City Scenes

The city lights truly sparkle at night, so if your style includes bright, vivid colours, you should attempt this. Our artist boosted the colour even further by painting on a black canvas for maximum contrast.

Life Forms Found Underwater

The water is teeming with strange-looking animals. Our artist picked the jellyfish as her subject and utilised a restricted palette as well as strong and thin lines to create a dynamic picture.

City Scapes

The city’s hustle and bustle is an ideal topic for metallic acrylic paint. It’s opaque enough to achieve great solid blocks of colour while still allowing for thinner washes for layering and delicate colorations. The shiny gloss reinforces the iron lamp post and steel buildings. This was created on a stretched canvas and will look fantastic when framed.


As shown in this canvas painting of the famed Golden Gate Bridge, architectural buildings make for interesting artwork. The beauty of bridges is that you can paint not just the intricate framework, but also the water below and the sky above. Look into bridges in your neighbourhood and pick one. It doesn’t have to be a renowned one; even little ones across streams and rivers may be beautiful works of art.

Outer Space

For generations, artists have depicted heavenly bodies. It’s most likely due to their mystery and undetermined status. Again, a black surface is an ideal starting point for painting the galaxy. You may draw actual or imagined planets, meteors, moons, and stars in it and transport us to a galaxy far, far away.

Paint Pouring

One of the finest qualities of canvas stretched tightly over a wood frame is its ability to withstand large amounts of paint without bleed. As a result, it is particularly popular for making poured paint pieces. Arteza sells pre-mixed, ready-to-pour paints, allowing you to drip, spill, tilt, and spin a rainbow of hues for stunning effects.


Using perspective principles is a quick technique to draw the spectator into the painting.

A vanishing point, particularly in the middle, urges the eye to go down a road, path, or canal. It’s as if you’re staring through a doorway into another universe by taking use of the canvas’s equal sides.


As wall art, seascapes and paintings of boats are highly popular. They also allow you to paint “en Plein Air,” or outside. A small easel, a few canvas boards, some paint, brushes, and a comfortable folding chair are all you need for a quiet day by the lake or at a marina.

Rainy Days

A rainy day is shown in some of the most renowned artworks. Rain creates amazing reflections, hues, and atmospheres. It may be a stormy, gloomy day or a dawn mist against a beautiful sky. It appears different when it hits a city sidewalk vs a secluded woodland. Don’t let the rain stop you from painting!

Photo Transfer Art

Photo transfer art might seem too fancy and complicated to even try when you first see it. If you look at this cactus beauty you can’t help but feel a little intimidated. But it turns out it can actually be pretty practical to create, and you don’t even need lots of fancy materials to come up with wall art that’ll only look like it cost you a million bucks.

Canvas Painting

This is a simple painting concept. The colours tie everything together, and the triangle parts match well. Optimistic mama shows you how to put it all together and make a gorgeous artwork worthy of attention that you can hang in almost any room of your home.

Canvas Painting Idea With A Message

Your wall art does not have to be exclusively abstract. It can also contain your favourite quotations, words, or sayings. No matter what you’re decorating, a blend of pastel hues is always a good idea. The instructions for making this amazing piece of wall art can be found at A Side Of Sweet!

Flower Print Canvas

Flower designs are classic and will never go out of style. They’re frequently utilised in things like furniture, houseware, and even this homemade canvas painting concept. Try it out and see what amazing creations you can come up with!

Easy Wall Art Painted Canvas

This lovely canvas DIY project by Birds Party is a must-try at home activity.

Look at all those hues and how wonderfully they complement one other. Before you become too intimidated by the project, visit the blog to discover the step-by-step procedure.

Colorful Fabric Paint Canvas

You can mix and match wall art so you’re not limited to just one canvas masterpiece. Hello Wonderful does an excellent job of this by demonstrating how to combine three smaller canvases with the same colours but distinct designs. In our opinion, this is a stunning work.

Letter Art Canvas

Letter art is another traditional approach to decorate your walls that may be meaningful. If you add letters to your homemade canvas art, it may be rather pleasant and elegant, as seen by these from Homemade Ginger!

Gold Leaf Splatter Paint

It’s safe to assume that gold goes with everything. And this gold leaf splatter painting concept exemplifies it perfectly. With this simple DIY, you can add some colour and creative artwork to your home. Lovely Indeed explains the procedure step by step.

Watercolor Art

There is plenty of room on the wall for watercolour canvas paintings. They’re quite simple to build, and there are an infinite number of concepts you can bring to life with some basic watercolour paints. Learn how to make beautiful wall clipboards to brighten up your home office!

Patterned Canvas Wall Art

Making patterned wall art is another approach to make something worth displaying that doesn’t take a lot of artistic talent. This DIY patterned wall painting features some fantastic metallic paint that shines and pops!

Herringbone Canvas Art

This vintage-style item is highly geometrical and simple to build. It involves absolutely no creative ability and only a few items such as masking tape, paints, and a large canvas.

Gold Painted Canvas

Following on from the gold and copper theme, here is another amazing gold wall art concept for your apartment. It’s definitely one of the simplest wall art ideas on our list and doesn’t cost much to make. Once you’ve made it, you may retain it and utilise it again and again.

Easy Paint Swatch Wall Art

Have you ever seen paint swatch wall art? It’s as simple as starting with a blank canvas, selecting your favourite paint swatches, and glueing them together in your preferred order. Isn’t it simple?

Layered Abstract Wall Art

Sarah Hearts is without a doubt one of my favourite DIY blogs because everything she creates is simply stunning. I couldn’t resist featuring this simple canvas painting concept when I stumbled across it. Get the details on her blog (and grab some free wallpapers while you’re there!)

Paint Chip Canvas Art

Another clever paint chip concept. Wall art does not have to be elaborate or detailed. A painting with a paint chip motif, for example, may add some lively brightness to any area in the house.

Birch Tree Wall Art

Birch trees are stunning, and they make an excellent canvas painting subject! They look great with a light blue backdrop and a gold accent in the centre. Visit Persia Lou to learn how to make this stunning wall art!

Watercolor On Canvas Wall Art

If you want something REALLY bright and cheerful, try this DIY Watercolor painting project that will make you glad that you did it yourself. Violet Tinder has comprehensive step-by-step instructions on painting it over.

Pixel Wall Art

Pixel wall art is another trendy wall art concept you should attempt at some time.

The geometric triangles in it make it so simple to build. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s almost like a paint-by-numbers project. The whole rundown may be found at The Bold Adobe.

Canvas paintings are ideal for adorning interior areas. They may also be used to embellish tabletops, racks, and other tiny locations when they are miniature versions.

If you adore canvas paintings, especially little ones, you may try making a couple for the inside of your workplace or house.

Simple Canvas Painting ideas

Mandala Canvas Painting

Mandala art is one of the most frequent but intriguing canvas painting ideas. If the word mandala makes you think of a complex form of painting, relax; mandala is simple. All you need are the correct dotting tools to create the most stunning mandala paint in a short amount of time.

Geometrical Pattern

If you are not a master painter, you will most likely choose to paint in a geometrical style. Yes, geometrical patterns such as circles, triangles, squares, and so on look very professional and offer much needed distinction to a painting.

Paint Some Fruits

You undoubtedly know how popular canvas painting ideas are if you’ve seen slices of watermelons, lemons, and pineapple painted on small-sized canvases. You can also try them because they are popular.

Pretty Flowers

Landscapes do not work well on little canvases. They are reserved for extremely narrow themes.

That’s why flowers look so well on small paintings. The nicest part about painting flowers is that you don’t have to choose a specific kind; any blossom may be painted and the results will be just as stunning.

Celestial Bodies

Painting celestial bodies, whether the sun, moon, Saturn, or the entire solar system, can be a lot of fun. The nice part about such paintings is that they don’t require a lot of painting knowledge. Your heavenly bodies don’t have to appear like they’re right out of a scientific book; they may also be alive.

Abstract Canvas Paintings

Abstract paintings are very popular these days. They are not only popular on tiny canvases, but they are also popular on huge canvases. Furthermore, drawing abstract designs is significantly simpler than painting people.

The simplicity of the canvas painting ideas above makes them a popular among both beginners and seasoned painters. Yes, the suggestions presented here are basic and feasible. You will be able to transform your thoughts into a picture without any distortion if you use the proper brush and paint media. So, what’s keeping you waiting? Go ahead and get your hands filthy.


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